Paper Tin Tie Bags

Superior Products

  • Full 55 LB. paper on tan bags 
  • 70 LB. on white bags
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Seal strength

Superior Service

  • Custom printing available
  • Up to 9 colors rotogravure
  • No extra chargers for
  • Partial cases
100% Compostable PLA Lined Coffee Bags

PLA is a corn-based plastic that is compostable, meaning it will degrade in an environment with the correct balance of heat and moisture (tin ties need to be removed prior to sending to composter). In addition to the inner film being PLA, the outer layer of paper is FDA approved recycled natural kraft.

Designer Series

Designer Series

Separate yourself from the pack with our new Designer Series Bag. This bag was designed to look great with your label and will give you a real custom look without the expense and volume commitment of custom bags